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Birthdate:Nov 2
Location:Washington, United States of America
6 October 2009:
Breathe deep, seek peace friends! It honours me that you would be checking out this profile page and taking the time to read through my profile! It has taken some time to get everything organized on here so that finding things will be easier. If you wish to add me as a friend, please comment me here so that way I won't worry that a spambot has tried adding me.

Now, if you have seen me from fandoms and wish only to know me for the screencaps that I can (and love to) post, please go to this community screencaps_247. It is one that I have set up specifically to post all the screencaps that I have or am requested to. Feel free to just watch the community or you can join it and post your own there. But please, don't add this profile if you are only seeking the screencaps.

This applies to my fanfiction that I love writing for various fandoms. If you wish to only read my fic and not have anything to do with me personally, please watch my community thecandlelight. Reviewing is not necessary but feedback is appreciated. I write for many fandoms to include: Primeval (Impossible Pictures's dinosaur show), Band of Brothers (HBO WWII mini-series following the 101st Airbourne), Dinotopia (James Gurney's famous books), and other various shows/movies.

However, if you wish to get to know me personally, then feel free to add this profile because I am going to be quite me on here. This means that I will be occasionally posting lists of chores that I have to do or making random remarks about something I found, watched, or read. I love photography and will post a lot of what I take pictues of. I love nature and animals and this is reflected in my artwork, my stories, and my photography. As much as I love people, animals and nature can't really sue you, just drown you with a Category 5 Hurricane.

In addition to being an artist, I am also a WWII-guru. However, I am picky when it comes to the war. My main area of interest rests with the European theatre and North Africa. I have little interest in the war in the Pacific (unless we're talking the Corsairs from the Black Sheep Squadron) and even less interest in the Russian Front. But I can't study WWII without being interested in WWI. I have written several original stories from both eras and when I am not writing about animals or detectives from the 1950s, I am writing about those two wars.

There are few things I obsess over and actors, are not one of them. I also do not relish sexual fantasies nor do I engage in stories/artwork regarding slash. Christ is my Lord and Saviour and my aim is to make my life a reflection of that. I do not press religion on others so please do not press anti-religious beliefs on me.

One other important thing that one should be warned about, my primary language is American-English but I also know a great deal in French, German, and am picking up Arabic. My interest in languages has deep roots in my passion for studying WWI/WWII and also since most of my stories take place in those eras, it's best to know the languages. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a blessed day! ♥
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